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  • Think about insulating the walls of his apartment in Kiev?

     Team industrial climbers will do the interior and exterior walls of the apartments on any floor of Your home!
    The room will be less to pass heat to the outside, and heating costs, ✓significantly reduced.

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  • Facade - painting in tall buildings.

     The facade of Your building faded considerably, and You don't know how to return him to a spectacular view and its former appeal?! We offer exterior facade and painting in Kiev at the most affordable prices.
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  • Departure of the engineer for the calculation works - free!

     In the preliminary assessment of the scope of work and the pricing of materials and services we must together discuss, measure, calculate and coordinate.
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Rates за отопление растут, а в квартире холод?! 100% Эффект от отопления - утепление квартиры!

 Even inexpensive insulation will make a difference when you are heating, not the maximum, but... as they say - "what is the price like."
We work only with proven and practical technologies. All work performed using quality materials. In a long experience in the field of outdoor insulation - we selected the best materials for the price and quality. And our pricing will please You and will not ruin the budget for the extra costs. You don't have to "wrestle" as well as better insulate the walls of a house or the facade of an apartment - trust us, we know how to solve such problems, but make sure together, discuss, measure, calculate and coordinate.

The pleasure of good quality lasts longer than the joy of low prices.

By choosing our company, You are guaranteed to get
warm and high-quality walls in the shortest possible time.

Our prices per square meter - equal to only the amount of work performed!!!


We have the best prices on all facade work

Prices may vary from the work scope Quality no. Warranty on work performed - 5 years! 


Join with neighbors on the floor or riser and we discounted insulate the walls of Your apartments in Kiev....

Get on a preliminary measurement of the volume of works on warming of external walls for FREE!...

We guarantee 100% the quality of their services on warming of external walls and facades in Kiev. Our 5 year warranty warm without defects!...

The tides over the protruding edge of the insulation walls of Your apartment in an apartment building, only we fasten FREE!...

 Within the savings on insulation, I want to highlight the following: 

1) EAS - discount ✓ 10 %

2) Engineer - ✓ FREE

3) The warranty on the warming us - ✓ 5 years

4) Drips on insulation - ✓ free

The provision of services to facade more than seven years. 2 3000 3 Uteplenie Bolee 50000

 We are already the eighth year of work and value their reputation in this area of services in Kiev.
During this time we have accumulated a great experience for execution of works on warming of objects of different complexity. 

  It is optimal to produce work only the qualitative and checked materials of new generation.
 Here you can enjoy the arrangement of the facade walls practical on any objects of Kiev.
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The choice of insulation technology

In Kiev a large number of various technologies for insulation, for example:

  • Wet
  • Inside
  • Spray insulation
  • Foam polyurethane
  • Method of the facade
  • The polymer-concrete
  • Composite thermal insulation system
  • Light plaster
  • Sinking masonry
  • Processing houses inside

For the full experience, we tried many different systems, from insulating walls from the inside to the outer ceramic thermal insulation and can carry out work on any technology internal and external insulation.

 However, we stayed on the technology of external insulation of the wet method with the use of expanded polystyrene bead or mineral wool. This insulation of the walls tested in Kiev and all Kiev region. A large number of our objects made with the use of this method of insulation.

Feature fastened insulation wet method is that on the exterior wall of the house with a mounted light insulation. The installation of insulating material is performed with dowels (umbrellas for foam) and glue for gluing of insulation. As insulation Kiev residents use Styrofoam (polystyrene bead, PPSB). When this material is important to pay attention to the strength and density. Density should be the facade, that is not less than 25 kg cube of foam. Also used basalt wool, mineral wool, glass foam, cellulose and other materials on customer request.

What materials are used for works us.

Our company strictly monitors the quality materials for insulation of walls of houses and strict adherence to insulation technology. Therefore, we guarantee our work. We use the following materials:

  1. Facade primer deep penetrating
  2. Adhesive for bonding insulation
  3. Heat insulation (foam or mineral wool)
  4. Reinforcing structure for filling foam
  5. Mesh alkali-resistant facade
  6. White-pigmentirovannyj quartz primer
  7. Decorative facade plaster "lamb" and "beetle"

The choice of material is what we make any material is purchased in coordination with the customer! We strongly recommend not to save on materials. 

The benefits of insulating walls

You may be wondering: "why insulate the walls?" The answer to this question is!
The insulated walls of the apartment has a huge number of advantages:

Reduce the cost of heating in winter
In winter, the walls do not freeze
The reduction of the cost of air conditioning in the summer
Air conditioning can be almost not include
The temperature of the walls equals the temperature in the house
Improvement of the thermal comfort zone
The walls of the facades do not freeze
In the corners does not appear fungus and mold
The increase of service life of building walls
The house is insulated to be used for 35 years more
Walls are protected against aggressive influences
Rain and moisture does not soak through the walls and not destroy them
Aesthetic appearance
The facade walls of the apartment, for example, the beetle looks very aesthetically pleasing and individually

Insulated front walls of the apartments have a number of advantages, such as:


Protection from damp and cold


The heat and destruction of the facade


Reliability and efficiency


Durability and ecology

Our company serves all areas of the city of Kiev:
  • Right shore: center, Pechersk; Kiev region; Podolsk district, the bottom Hem, Obolon district, Obolon; Sviatoshynskyi district, Kyiv; Solomenskiy district; Holosiyivsky district of Kyiv.
  • Left Bank: Darnitskiy district, darnica; Dniprovskyi district; Desnyanskiy area, Troyeshchyna; Darnytsya district of Kyiv; Kharkiv; Osokorky.

Insulation. Professionally, efficiently, durable

 The benefits of involving specialists for facade insulation

 Today, residents apartments, private homes and cottages often seek the service of the facade insulation, and some craftsmen can do this work on their own. But in this niche often require not only residential buildings, but public buildings, office and business, shopping malls and various businesses.
External facade insulation allows you to:
- to achieve a high efficiency of construction and reduce the cost of heating;
- to create the best for of the microclimate inside the building, with the maintenance of a favorable temperature and stable humidity level;
- to protect the external walls from external factors and the influence of weather conditions, from freezing in winter time;
- to provide additional soundproofing.
Most often in modern conditions demanded to isolate heat loss from the external side facades. Unlike internal insulation - this technique out is dew point, and thereby reduces the humidity in structures and significantly reduced risk of disintegration, rot and mildew. This solution can be applied for all types of buildings and a variety of materials of outer walls: brick, concrete or wood, block or frame structures.
Features and main technologies of warming of facades
Facade insulation involves laying insulation material on the external wall surface and further decorative finishes. Not eaten an internal useful area of the building. Modern materials are light weight, they don't weight the wall.
While this slightly increases the overall thickness of the wall. And a wide choice of decorative finishes enables such even for historical architectural monuments, leaving their usual appearance is unchanged.
Today, there are a few of the most popular and frequently used types of facade insulation:
- the creation of insulation and cladding on the technology of wet facade;
- the creation and installation of ventilated facades;
- installation with the use of thermopanels;
- special painting liquid of superfine insulation.
The latter method is actually rarely used, it was not so long ago developed and poorly tested in practice, however, has its advantages – the ease and simplicity of application, an aesthetic surface that does not require subsequent finishing, and at a reasonable cost.
When creating a wet front as insulation used polystyrene foam, polyethylene foam or mineral wool. The method itself is quite time-consuming, requires surface preparation of walls and installation work is carried out in several stages.
The result is a multilayered outer design, all layers of which are bonded to adhesive compositions, that is why the technology is called wet front. To strengthen the front part, giving greater rigidity and strength of the used reinforcing mesh and metal profile for window and door openings, part of the basement and the outside corners of the facade. For roughing and finishing is often used plasters.
Ventilated facades are fixed to the major walls on a metal frame providing a small gap between the wall and the cladding. As insulation used minerality plate, it is mounted inside the frame close to the front wall. In the end, between the cladding and the insulation is free space across the width of the frame in which there is free circulation of air. Veneer is performed with a metal or plastic panels, granite, siding or fibre cement.
The foam panel is widely used due to the low cost materials and simple installation. Often Thermopanel acquire with a ready facing finish, which also saves time and money of the people.

Insulation front walls • Ventilated facades • Substructure systems


Button Metall Now I'd like to tell you about winterizing. Warming of walls of apartments executed outside of the facade with foam or mineral wool. What is to insulate your residence? It's very simple everyone wants to create a pleasant microclimate in your home and for this is the insulation of facades, be it the walls of a private house or apartment.

Button Metall If your apartment is not enough warmth in the winter and also lack of summer cool, the insulation of walls and facades of the house where Your apartment is located is the most correct solution in a modern city. Each year, the savings on insulation of housing is becoming more urgent. As the payment of utility rates are constantly rising up, you should think about saving your money, and we - the team of professionals will help you with this, making the insulation of the walls of Your apartment in an apartment building and any other building or structure.

Button Metall If you look at the building through a thermal imaging camera, it becomes immediately clear reinforced concrete walls in precious heat. How to make thermal insulation of an apartment in Kiev or at home in the Kiev region, to calculate the cost of thermal insulation of the balcony or walls of the foam, as well as to consider ways of warming the apartments, buildings and structures - all of these questions can get the answer from our experts in their field, and understand what will be the cost of insulation.

Insulation apartments and houses method ✓industrial mountaineering


Button Metall Often for external insulation of the apartment high-rise building above the first floor need to use the services of industrial climbers.

Button Metall Climbers don't need to use woods and concrete, all work is carried out using a special "rope".

Button Metall Every professional climber in our company has the certificate and documents authorizing a permit to conduct threat works on warming of walls of facades on height.

Button Metall A clear advantage of industrial climbers is their unconditional mobility, because before the commencement of the work, the wizard will need a maximum of an hour to prepare.

Button Metall We relieve You from unnecessary legwork and organize the delivery of materials by own transport.

Button Metall Your presence, just not necessarily! (good for those who can't get off from work).

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New about the "material characteristics" of the methods and options of insulation