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 Советы по теплоизоляции дома

 Изоляция служит для уменьшения потока тепла через стены, полы и крышу вашего дома наружу и внутрь помещения. Для этих целей чаще всего используют стекловолокно, жесткие пенопластовые доски и жидкую пену.

 Важно решить, какой способ утепления фасада лучше подойдет именно для вашего случая. Важнейшим из факторов, который необходимо учесть в первую очередь, является особенности погоды в вашем климатическом поясе.

Noviy Podpisan Zakon

 The government of Ukraine in the current quarter, signed the law "On energy Efficiency Fund".

 According to the document from the budget of the Fund will be allocated on insulation of facades houses. However, most experts say that the Fund will start next year.

Temperatura Pomesheniya V Neotopitelniy Period
 Why the apartment gets so cold after you disable the Central heating?

 This question arises in most people especially in the off-season, when the battery is already cold, and the temperature outside the window is quite low.

The answer to this question is obvious - it is necessary to increase the thickness of the exterior walls to maximize heat retention in the apartment.

Beware of hacks

Today, there are a huge number of companies involved in insulation of walls from the outside. Almost all of them work in the same price segment, but you can find those who offer "super deals" at times, different in price.

Insulation of facades with mineral wool

Craftsmen carry out the insulation of the facade in order to heat longer kept inside the house. When properly performed weatherization can save on extra heating in the room.

Uteplenie Fasada Penoplastom
Insulation of the walls

What you need for insulation? About the benefits of insulation foam and features.

House siding foam on the outside is a very effective way to minimize heat transfer between the street and the room, thus making it much more comfortable and allowing you to save money on your bills for heating.

Mokriy Fasad Min
The popular method of insulation "wet facade"

Insulation system "wet facade" allows you to kill two birds with one stone. In one fell swoop to produce decorative finish and insulation of the exterior walls. But why the facade of "wet"? The answer is simple: when installing material using the compositions, diluted with water. Of course, walls are not always wet, but only until dry mix.

Vibor Specialistov Dlya Utepleniya
The choice of professionals

  A little bit about how not to overpay, don't spend your own nerves and to receive qualitative services Many of us thought that it would be a good idea to make the insulation of your apartment N the eleventh floor. But almost no one has a clue how to do it, what technology and what should be the requirements to the master. Let's start from the beginning. Search... At this stage it is possible to secure a 50 percent

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Warming of walls of apartments in Kiev.

 Our country is in a difficult climatic zone. Adverse weather conditions are distinguished by their negative impact on all the external elements of buildings. Large fluctuations in humidity and constant changes in temperature regime significantly reduces the service life of the facade elements of buildings. In addition, through the walls of our houses lost a significant amount of thermal energy prices, which in recent years demonstrate a steady growth.

Uteplenie Fasadov Kiev Min

insulation of apartments

Warming of facades - Modern technology

 Without proper insulation of the facade of the apartment houses in our country is simply not enough. In most regions in winter there are heavy frosts, which requires installation of heating systems. And to save on heating and insulation.
Exterior insulation is considered the most effective. Of course, when installing insulation layer inside the building also can achieve good effect, but

Naruzhnoe Uteplenie Kvartir Min

Professional insulation of facades in Kiev

 The usual material used for thermal insulation of facades in Kiev, is the foam. To perform the job efficiently it is important to observe proven and expertise with the technology. 
 Insulation technology
 - the preparation involves carefully removing the old plaster and dismantle sections that are poorly fixed.