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Haltura Beware of hacks

Today, there are a huge number of firms involved in warming of facades of the walls outside. Almost all of them work in the same price segment, but you can find those who offer "super deals" at times, different in price.

 Of course most consumers and customers are led to it, because here works the principle of "why pay more?". However, in most cases, behind all this is the basic "trash".

 Using the fact that not all people know the materials are intended for insulating walls, as well as all the intricacies of the works they buy the cheapest material that is not suitable for warming buildings. As a rule, the result of this deception leads to sad consequences.

Due to what may be discounted price?

 The first thing that should be alerted - this is a relatively low cost to carry out works. Experienced climbers will never work for the future, because the process is associated with certain risks.

 And the mediators will not refuse to get their profit. That's why the last in the list remains with the customer, which can be "diluted" using low-quality material, absolutely not intended for this type of work.

In order to spot cheaters, consider frequent variants of "schlock"

* To the collapse of the insulation design can cause a complete lack of plastic anchors when fastening the foam to the wall. Of course this absence does not earn, however, the apparent speed can be useful for the next object.

* On the reduction of insulation properties in winter can specify the time if the workers do not derive the corner reinforcing mesh not having it behind a wall. This can lead to draughts between the wall and the insulation. Also, the probability of falling into the cavity of moisture, which accelerates the process of destruction.

* Savings on a soil layer must also be alerted.

* Using the wrong insulation. Replacement for expanded polystyrene extruded polystyrene will lead to the twisting of the latter under the action of high temperatures.
* Violation of the technology of fasteners and the use of low-quality dry mortars and heat-insulation materials may result in nonspecific diseases of the respiratory system. Disappointing diagnosis can be obtained after the mold spores will get into the human body.

* The use of adhesive compounds for tiles extremely unacceptable for foam.

* The presence of galvanized visor (low tide) must! Installation own discharging visor needs to be done to correctly. Otherwise impair the drainage of rain water, then moisture will easily fall under the insulation.

* Not permitted mount foam sheets vertically and without ligation of polystyrene plates together. Such violations will lead to the formation of numerous cracks.

 In order not to be trapped, it is recommended to find out from employees what materials will be used for house warming. During operation, carefully follow the technology of performing the work, the slightest disturbance of the process will subsequently lead to the destruction of an insulation layer.

Thus, a minor saving money for house warming or apartments later could be disastrous.