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The government of Ukraine in the current quarter, signed the law "On energy Efficiency Fund".

  1. How to save family budget
  2. When you need to warm facade
  3. Where to find funds for the insulation of the facade of the house
  4. The subsidy will help to defray the costs

Noviy Podpisan Zakon According to the document from the budget of the Fund will be allocated on insulation of facades houses. However, most experts say that the Fund will start next year.

 It is worth Recalling that the national Commission in the second quarter of this year increased the tariffs for hot water and most likely it will also affect heating. In addition, the Cabinet of Ministers restricted the right to receive subsidies for most citizens. Based on the foregoing, residents of Ukraine will be a mediocre, overpriced 2017-2018 heating season.

 How to save family budget

 Most of the costs on utility bills in the winter "eat" a hot battery.
The government ordered to supply heat registers in each multi-storey building. In large areas, such as Zaporozhye, Kiev and Lviv residents pay bills for heating according to the installed heat meters. Of course in the case of non-insulated houses and the presence of the counter payments can be higher than those where the counter is missing. According to experts, the result can change dramatically immediately after mounting of heat meter and simultaneous sealing of the walls.

 When you need to warm facade

 Experts say that the best time to begin the process of insulation, replacement of glazing and secure basement - summer.
As a rule, building materials at this time, you can buy cheaper. For those who are still thinking about energy efficiency, developed a plan of preparatory work, which will look something like this:

* implementation of energy audit should include June
* in July, you must prepare the requirements specification for energy-efficient action
* of the work then the insulation and the possible construction of an additional substation - August, September
* in the early autumn - inspection and commissioning of installed equipment
* the launch of the system must match exactly with the beginning of the heating season.

 If you are concerned about why an energy audit made at the beginning of summer. The answer is obvious - because it is at this stage calculations are carried out on the effectiveness of implementation of future work and preparation of documents.

 Where to find funds for insulation of apartments home

1. "Heat loans"
Based on last year's figures, the high demand from Ukrainian citizens enjoyed "Heat credits". For the money, anyone can purchase a non-gas boiler, replace Windows, purchase of materials for insulation of walls and the state reimburses them 30-70% of the available funds by check. Separately it is necessary to focus on the fact that the amount also has limitations.

2. Investors and grants

Several international companies provide funds for wall insulation of the facades. You may also submit an agreement with representatives of energy service organization, the work will be done in time, and has come back due to the economy.

 The subsidy will help to defray the costs

 Since may of this year according to the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers will be reduced the size of the consumption of gas, heat and electricity for heating. Last winter discount reimbursed 330 cubic meters of spent on home heating to 60 m2, but in the future season the discount will apply only to 300 cubic meters. So you should think about saving, as you will have to pay 30 cubes without subsidies.

 In addition, the Government significantly cut the duration of the heating season. Citizens in houses with Central heating can receive a grant only after the decision of the local authority and the beginning of the heating season. But for residents of homes with individual heating period of the heating season reduced by a month. This means that the discount will affect only the legitimate period, which starts from October 15 to April 15.