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Professional insulation of facades in Kiev.

Why you need to make the outer insulation?

The usual material used for thermal insulation of facades in Kiev, is the foam. To perform the job efficiently it is important to observe proven and expertise with the technology. 
 Insulation technology
 - the preparation involves carefully removing the old plaster and dismantle sections that are poorly fixed. Then removed the dust. These steps are necessary to ensure the maximum durability of the insulation. After the cleansing is done priming. If the primer absorbs quickly, it should be applied 2 times.

Before gluing the foam you need walls to cover up the threads at a certain distance. If the paste surface is smooth surface, it is possible to only the application level; 
 - the gluing is performed only in a staggered manner. Each subsequent sheet shall be glued from the middle of the previous one. In this version, there will be no cracks. After the process of gluing is important not to forget about the fixation of the plastic dowels. Be sure to follow the reinforcement of the foam mesh which is lapped and folded in the corners;
 - caulking is applied in a single layer specialists. If wall insulation done on their own, it is best to apply at least 3 layers. Facade putty completes the processing of a primer containing quartz sand.
 The benefits of using foam
 Important advantage is the resistance to moisture. The material is inexpensive, so most suitable for people wanting to insulate your home and don't spend a lot of money. The foam weighs very little, so it is very easy to install. It is not subjected to the processes of decay, resistant to chemical attack, is durability.
 Features services, insulation of facade walls of the apartments:
 There are a large number of small parts, which are known only to specialists. Despite the cheapness of goods in the process insulation flat it is important not to save. The slightest error can have a significant impact on the outcome of the. Turning to the masters this profile the client is always entitled to a preliminary consultation with individual calculation of the cost of different options for insulation. For confidence in the integrity of the company always is a detailed contract that includes details of the services provided