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The secret of facade insulation mineral wool

 Insulation of facades with mineral wool

Wizard carried out insulation of facades in order for the heat longer kept inside the house. When properly performed weatherization can save on extra heating in the room.

 There are several varieties of insulating materials. Each type of insulation is good for covering a certain area of the room. Therefore, you should carefully read each of them and choose the most suitable option. Here are the most popular ones:
1. Foam. This material is suitable only for wall insulation panel or brick house outside, as the structure of the foam does not allow air to pass between the layers, condensation can form. As a result, the wooden house will quickly begin to rot in these areas.
2. Mineral wool. This type of insulation is ideal for covering the surface outside.
 Features of mineral wool
Mineral wool is becoming increasingly popular heater due to its simplicity to use. Mineral wool is produced in roll form and also in the form of plates. This material has a number of distinctive qualities. Let's consider them:
- high levels of insulation, whereby the heat in the house stays a long time;
- elasticity due to the soft structure of the insulation with it can handle even the novice;
- fire resistance – Rockwool is not ignited, thereby guarantees a high security for wooden houses;
- resistance to sudden changes in temperature;
- shumoizolyatory – mineral wool has excellent soundproof property.
 Stages of insulation
For carrying out roof insulation with mineral wool first need to collect a frame basis and the crate. Only then can we begin to fill the frame with mineral wool. You need to put mineral wool in a checkerboard pattern, because this provides the maximum adhesion of the mineral wool plates to each other.
If you want to hold the insulation in your walls, you must first prepare the surface. It is necessary to replace old plaster walls for a new one. When the wall is ready, you can proceed to the insulation of mineral wool. Work is always conducted bottom-up. Fasten the boards with special adhesive. For quality insulation of apartments you must first apply glue to the mineral plate, then attach the mesh and re-apply a layer of glue. This will provide a better fixing of mineral wool. The recommended thickness of insulation is 10 cm Need to be carefully monitored to ensure that the wall surfaces not to leave any gaps. Gaps can score remnants of mineral wool.
With high quality and diligent implementation of the insulation in the room will always be warm and cozy, because mineral wool is designed for long lasting service.

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