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Uteplenie Fasadov Kiev MinInsulation of facades - Modern technology

The characteristics of the professional insulation of facades

Without proper insulation of the facade of the apartment houses in our country is simply not enough. In most regions in winter there are heavy frosts, which requires installation of heating systems. And to save on heating and insulation.
Outer insulation of apartments is considered the most effective. Of course, when installing insulation layer inside the building also can achieve good effect, but still it is not comparable with the efficacy of external works. This protective layer allows you to:
- to protect the walls from overheating or overcooling, which will increase the useful life of all buildings;
- insulation helps to reduce the impact of moisture on the facade;
- to protect interior spaces from street noise.
To spend warming of a facade in Kiev, a variety of ways, but the most widely two of them is the contact method and the use of hinged systems. The first option is to use plates made of different insulating material. You can use products made of mineral wool, polystyrene, extruded polystyrene and so on.
In the contact mode of insulation of the insulator is mounted directly on the wall of the facade. This can be used or different adhesive or fasteners called "umbrella". Often both methods are used.
This method is the most simple and affordable. In addition, the contact method of insulating creates almost no additional load on the supporting structures, because there are used lightweight materials.
A more modern method to insulate the facade cheap is the use of hinged structures. In this case, the plate of insulating material mounted on special fixtures. In this case, between the wall and the insulation layer creates a free airspace of 2-5 cm. This allows you to create ventilated facades which significantly increases the service life of the building.
The method of warming with the use of hinged structures has its own advantages compared to the contact method. Namely:
- the work can be performed at any time of the year;
- no need to prepare the base. The walls of the house can be covered with insulating layer in the state in which they are located;
- the effectiveness of insulation is significantly higher than in the case of contact method. This effect is obtained because the air gap between the wall and the insulating material;
- guaranteed period of service (subject to all the rules of installation) is about 30 years old, but often much longer.
Whichever method of facade insulation you choose, in the future works we can use a different finishing material. In the contact mode is often applied on top of the layer of plaster, which plays both decorative and protective function. But you can use other materials.
If you use the method using secondary structures, it is possible to purchase panels with the existing finishing layer. This opportunity will allow you to save time and money.
All works on warming of facades should be done in strict accordance with the rules. If you break the technology, there may be cold joints. In this case, the efficiency of the thermal insulation layer falls dramatically and so you need to carry out its reconstruction. That is why many owners of private houses prefer to hire a specialized team that will perform all the work strictly in accordance with the rules. This means that your home will be protected from the winter cold.