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Warming of walls of apartments in Kiev.

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 Our country is in a difficult climatic zone. Adverse weather conditions are distinguished by their negative impact on all the external elements of buildings. Large fluctuations in humidity and constant changes in temperature regime significantly reduces the service life of the facade elements of buildings. In addition, through the walls of our houses lost a significant amount of thermal energy prices, which in recent years demonstrate a steady growth. That is why the insulation of external walls not only neutralizes the negative impact of negative environmental factors, but also help to save your finances, eliminating the loss of heat indoors during the heating season and saving a cool microclimate in summer.

Also, insulate the facade of the building, you will be able to give it a unique exterior, which will be beneficial to highlight it, emphasizing the "youth", accuracy and functionality, while retaining unchanged the internal volumes of space.
Let's look at the most common materials used for such types of work as warming of facades of apartments Kiev, buildings, houses and structures. Most often these goals are used: mineral wool, expanded polystyrene and extruded polystyrene.
The main characteristic of these materials is their rather low thermal conductivity, this property ensures a major role in maintaining thermal energy.
Purpose to reduce heat losses to the façade of the structure is a "batch" kind of insulated "layer cake" at the heart of which is an external load bearing wall of the building. She, sequentially, one after the other are applied and fixed between the primers, adhesives, main insulator, a variety of decorative options.
After the decision about the need for facade insulation, it is NECESSARY to DEFINE the THREE MAIN ISSUES that impact on both the quality and the cost of carrying out these works.
To select the method most appropriate for your case.
Determine what materials you will use.
Find masters professionals who can efficiently carry out their tasks.
In any case, you can use a variety of technologies, an important question of obtaining the desired or even better results.
Before the beginning of works on warming, should carry out studies of the object on the detection of cold bridges that would be in the future in the development of strategy and rates of warming an apartment to give these places increased attention.
One of the most important stages of insulation of large apartment buildings is the sealing between the panel joints.
Closing the inter-panel joints sealants modern, we achieve several positive effects:
Protect metal fittings from aggressive environmental influences.
Minimize heat loss.
Protected between the panel area from moisture, thereby avoiding getting wet and freezing.
Improving acoustic quality of the room.
The next step the insulation of external walls the building is the cladding of the facades of various insulating materials. The choice of materials, as mentioned above depends on what way you chose to reduce the heat loss of your premises.
The last stage of these works is the lining of insulation, which protects it from the aggressive effects of rainfall and gives the building an aesthetic appearance.