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Uteplenie Fasada Penoplastom

Wall insulation home foam
 What you need for insulation? About the benefits of insulation foam and features.

House siding foam on the outside is a very effective way to minimize heat transfer between the street and the room, thus making it much more comfortable and allowing you to save money on your bills for heating.

To begin to warm the room, you will need:

· листы пенопласта;
· специальный клей для пенопласта;
· специальный клей на цементной основе для армированной сетки;
· крепежи для пенопластовых листов (настоятельно рекомендуем использовать пластиковые);
· сетка (армированная);
· шпатлевка, штукатурка и грунтовка;
· дрель (ударная) либо перфоратор;
· специальный острый строительный нож;
· шпатели;
· молоток;
· монтажная пена.

How to insulate your hands?

To begin the installation of foam boards, you must first prepare the wall. In the first place will require the most to level the surface in order not to split the foam when mounting on wall bends and irregularities. After that, the house is primed for the best coupling with the plates (choose the primer should be deeply penetrating composition).

When the training is completed, you can proceed to the installation of foam, pre-securing the bottom wall starter profile, which will help to avoid slipping of the sheets of insulation. Further, on the surfaces to apply the adhesive (on the perimeter and in the center of the foam sheet), pressed tightly against the insulation.

After this stage of work is finished, you must wait until the glue dries (ideally should pass 72 hours), and you can begin the installation of fasteners of umbrellas. Their length should be such as to drill into the wall at least 5 cm to Position the umbrellas are best in the centre of each sheet and at the corners (points of connection) with a hammer. The gaps between the plates should be filled with foam.

The next stage – installation of reinforced fabric. Foam trowel to apply a special glue based on cement, which utaplivajut the grid, and then apply another layer of glue, if any part of the mesh sticking out on the surface. After drying of the wall, it is necessary to wipe, and you can start to finishing, primer and plaster.

Advantages insulation foam on the outside:

· Такой способ обшивки не уменьшит объемы помещения в отличие от внутреннего утепления.
· Точка росы при этом будет находиться снаружи здания, что позволит ему не промерзать и убережет от влаги, приводящей к разрушению.
· Пенопласт стоит недорого, с ним легко работать, он имеет отличные теплоизоляционные свойства.

You can order the execution of the work. Together we'll discuss, calculate and insulate the front wall of your apartment.