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Insulation of facades in Kiev. Need a climber? What you need to know?

Vibor Specialistov Dlya Utepleniya

 A little bit about how not to overpay, don't spend your own nerves and to receive qualitative services

 Many of us thought that it would be nice to do winterizing your apartment N on the eleventh floor. But almost no one has a clue how to do it, what technology and what should be the requirements to the master.

 Let's start from the beginning. Search...

 At this stage it is possible to secure a 50 per cent success. Anyone with whom you contacted on the subject of mutually beneficial cooperation, should elaborate what and how does it work, why and why. Whipping to the side or a phrase like "the secret" or something like that will tell you that before you absolutely worthless man, and with him to deal himself more will come, what he would not say interesting price. A categorical "no"! If you detail and confident talking about all the nuances and additional issues not stumble into the answers, it is a candidate for the work. Next you need to know when and where similar events took place. That is, to learn the portfolio. Record and not be lazy to get to 2-3 ' and the ability to chat with the owners, in order to clarify the quality of work, deadlines, stated and real, and about the people themselves. If visually well you can check the status, quality made the object even after 2-4 years (depending on climate) should not be critical of damage. There are cases when after the winter falling to pieces 10 square meters. The ideal is to get to the venue of the ongoing work and see how and what is important than work. Brand tool you already had a lot to say.

 Now about the price. Too cheap is bad. Just cheap – not much better. This crooks, charlatans and novices, although the latter is rare, but there are serious guys. The average price range. This is already skilled workers. There is to look closely at all the papers they held, and to decide to whom to give preference. And the upper limit. It is inhabited by real specialists, who will not engage in dialogue with you, if you will stutter on discounts even before the subject of conversation or the volume is too small. In all the aforementioned categories there are pseudolite.

 The first is those beginners who are not treated and not matured in the field of industrial climbing and are just a gift of fate for their clients, which does not say about the others.

 In the second category are generally hanging out the charlatans from the previous, but somehow have achieved something and it is not clear how, because people are shitting their hideous skills in the field of industrial mountaineering. From the highest League you can run into rogue, who is leading the people in foreign objects collects large orders advances and feeds "Breakfast", but these are quickly and effectively burned from its ranks honest and hardworking, so the chance to get on these is extremely small.

 Now technology. It is influenced by climatic conditions in the area, because it differs for the Northern and southern regions. Regardless of all this, it is simple, basic construction.

 The first stage. Installation foam plates (some say polystyrene) is carried out on the facade of the building. Fixation is made on a cement-sand mixture glue and nails (colloquially fungi, umbrellas, shuttlecocks) method of applying adhesive onto the work surface and the fastening of the nails in the holes in the wall made with a punch. The amount of adhesive depends on the surface, but umbrellas are consumed at the rate of 5 pieces per square meter or 3 pieces on leaves in a half-square. After installation, at least 10 hours, drying the mixture.

 Second stage. Very important. A polyurethane foam. It purged all the gaps in the assembled Styrofoam. This gives a double effect. First the insulation of the apartment turns into a monolith. The result is when the "festivities" at home will not cause cracks on the surface and as a result, when the temperature drops, even with a wet surface at night, when freezing will not break down. The second disappears thermo mesh through which heat losses occur. Another 2 to 12 hours standby, depending on the quality of foam and humidity.

 The third stage. Reinforcing mesh with plaster. Gives a basic protection foam and extra strength. After drying, rubbed and polished, then applied to a plaster finish, which undergoes a similar process. It is mandatory to apply the primer between the layers of the primary and finishing putty and before painting. The fourth and final stage. Painting. Only latex paint, its quality also means a lot. The color scheme you decide. Both should be for facade work, otherwise it will quickly fade and drain the dirty bands down. Solid color is achieved by 2-4 layers of paint, depending on colour, but dark colors require more consumption. By separate agreement, or without deducting quadrature Windows also align the outer slopes.

 And finally. Never listen to anyone who says that it is easier and cheaper to insulate from the inside. It will be 2-3 years into a nightmare in the form of a mushroom which will be hard to get out from under insulated walls, you will argue that "I have 5 years and nothing" , something like the old army priskazka: "See the gopher? – No. – But he's there.” priskazka accurately reflects the situation , in addition to eat useful space to your home, and it is 5-7 inches from each wall, and the wardrobe, you planned exactly to put here do not fit. So read again and proceed to the choice of a worthy master.